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Frequency and Clinical Manifestations of Dengue in Urban Medellin, Colombia

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Mises Venezolanas

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Mises Venezolanas


That said the clinical picture of the more mild infection we identified was nonspecific making it difficult to recognize but again accounting for the greatest burden of disease.

  • There were no significant differences in the frequency of hemorrhagic manifestations, hematocrit, platelet counts, and white blood cell counts; however, complete blood counts were not available on all patients.

  • Rapid, reliable, and inexpensive dengue diagnostics for use at point of care would greatly improve the accuracy of the medical diagnosis of the infection of dengue virus in the primary health care setting.


The presence of anti-dengue IgG antibodies in acute samples revealed 50 patients 68.

  • To ensure capture of all febrile subjects, the study coordinator also reviewed clinic records.

  • However, all patients in this study were symptomatic at the time of testing making the probability of the infection being coincident with another infection low.

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